Gili Air 10’6 ″ Inflatable SUP Review

What truly stood out for us with this board was how simple it will be. It is not difficult to carry, simple to set up, simple to paddle, and simple to move. It just gauges 19 lbs. So it is lightweight and requires next to no push to paddle. This being a little board, it is very responsive, snappy to turn, and simple to move, making it a great deal of enjoyable to ride. A board this size will never be speedy; however taking everything into account, it glides pleasantly. The 31” width provides some additional stability without being too wide to even think about slowing it down or cause drag. The 10’6” length offers a pleasant measure of length for simple touring and cruising. With the 6″ thickness, this board has a load limit of 275 lb so you can load it straight up. It isn’t a large board, and most could be satisfied while paddling this on levelled waters. We feel it is most appropriate for those under 220 lb. while paddling in slash or surf. It wouldn’t be our decision for paddling with an enormous dog, even though if you have the skills, it is surely doable. With everything taken into account, we feel that the Gili 10’6 ″ ISUP provides a superb incentive for the cash.


  • Front Bungees – The 6-point front bungee framework is sufficiently enormous to store your PFD, a dry sack and/or other gear. We like the size and think it is ideal for putting away basics for a day out touring around. We did find that the bigger bungee framework was not suitable for our dogs who like to ride shotgun yet else they are quite incredible. 
  • 9” Snap-In Removable Fin – The 9” touring fin is anything but difficult to introduce. No instruments are needed, it just fits appropriately and feels robust and secure. The fin incredibly assists with the performance of the board so definitely utilize it except if you are in truly shallow water. 
  • Back D-Ring – The stainless steel D-ring at the last part of the board is ideal for securing your board leash. 
  • Handle – The middle carry handle has a neoprene cover that makes the board progressively comfortable to carry. The cover can likewise be used to make sure about your paddle when not being used. The front handle is ideal if you end up in the water and need to seize your board. 
  • Diamond Grooved Traction Pad – The large diamond grooved EVA traction pad is comfortable and provides superb hold. It is very enormous permitting you to move the length of the board if necessary. 

Included Accessories: 

  • Dual Action Hand Pump – The hand pump that accompanies this bundle has two settings. The principal setting permits you to pump the board until it comes to fruition. At that point, you can change to the second setting, which permits you to pump all the more effectively to arrive at the objective PSI level. The pump functions admirably, and with a little exertion, we had no issue completely inflating the board in around 7 minutes. 
  • 3-piece Aluminum Travel Paddle – The 3-piece paddle is ideal for voyaging and simple storage. It is solid and durable and an incredible paddle to begin with. Aluminium paddles are famously heavy so you might need to upgrade down the road to a lighter one yet we didn’t mind utilizing this paddle by any stretch of the imagination. The blue blade to coordinate the board is a pleasant touch. It makes for a sharp looking bundle. 
  • Backpack – The backpack zips open on three sides, making it simple to get everything in and out. The backpack feels solid and durable, and the heavy-duty zippers function admirably. The adjustable padded shoulder straps make it fairly comfortable to carry, and the midriff and chest straps provide more help on the off chance that you need to carry it a further distance. There is one top carry handle and one plastic ID pocket at the top. The light shade of the sack will get dirty effectively so you may need to in the long run do some spot cleaning in the event that you care about that. 
  • 10’ Coiled SUP Leash – A 10’ coiled SUP leash (blue to coordinate the board) is included in the bundle. The leash is a significant safety thing that gets the board from being cleared far from you in the event that you should fall in the water. 
  • Fin – The 9” focus fin is included in the bundle. 
  • Repair Kit – All inflatable paddle boards accompany a repair pack that includes a couple PVC patches, waterproof paste and a valve tightened. Ideally, you never need to utilize it. However, it is there in the event that you need it.


  • Length – 10’6” 
  • Width – 31”
  • Thickness – 6”
  • Weight – 19 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity – 275 lbs.


The overall shape and design make it very flexible. You can truly utilize this board in a wide range of water, yet we found that it excelled in specific conditions. We tested it on level water lakes, on a moderate moving stream, and on the sea where we had to deal with some boat wake and choppy water from the wind. We had the best time with the Gili Air on the lake and waterway. At the point when the wind picked up, it did get somewhat harder to paddle. The way that it is so lightweight has pros and cons. The significant advantages being that it is so natural to carry, and it requires almost no push to paddle. The disadvantage is that it is progressively powerless to being passed up the wind. Anyway, regardless of wind, we felt in charge and in spite of the fact that we had to work somewhat harder and remain somewhat more focused, it powered through chop pleasantly. Being a little board, we did see that it felt all the more unstable when sea paddling. Nonetheless, we, despite everything, had a great deal of fun and wouldn’t stop for a second to utilize it again for paddling around sea bays.

Best for Flatwater Paddling:

On level water, you can control out some excellent strokes and truly make it move, turn rapidly and essentially have a ton of fun messing about. We feel that pretty much anybody of any skill level would make some good memories with this ISUP on quiet water. Bigger individuals find this board to be increasingly unstable on the water; however, they become accustomed to it. The length of the board makes it ideal for flat levelled waters. The dimensions make this a perfect board for the ladies out there.

Where to buy:

This is an affordable board and can now be bought at a price of $495. You can buy the board at the following links.


Gili is known in the industry for being consumer-friendly. They offer a massive 60 Day Return policy in which the consumer can try the product and if not satisfied can return it within 60 days of delivery. The board has a 2-year warranty on all of its boards excluding the normal wear and tear. While returning, consumers are charged 20% restocking fees plus if you are from Hawaii or Alaska, you will have to pay $50 extra. 

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