Goosehill Rainbow R 10’6” SUP Review

Goosehill Sports Ltc. A stand-up paddle inflatable company from China makes an inflatable SUP kit for a total of $599, including a 10’6 iSUP deck, travel bag, paddle, rope, fins and pump. Goosehill has concentrated on becoming the most user-centric Inflatable SUPs Company and through advancements in this field, they plan to continuously surpass standards.


  • Front Bungees: The 6-point front bungee framework is wide enough to hold your PFD, dry sack and/or other equipment. We appreciate the scale and think it’s the perfect spot to pack away essentials for a day out travelling. We noticed the bigger bungee rig wasn’t ideal for our dogs who want to run shotgun, but they’re pretty good.
  • 9 “Snap-In Interchangeable Finn: The 9” touring fin is all but hard to add. No tools are required; it just suits perfectly and feels solid and safe. The fin amazingly helps with the board’s efficiency, so use it certainly even if you’re in very shallow water.
  • Back D-Ring: The stainless steel D-Ring at the end of the board is perfect for securing leash on your board.
  • Handle: The middle hold handle has a neoprene cover that makes the board easier to carry slowly. The cover can also be used to make sure you don’t use your paddle. If you end up in the water and need to grab your deck, the front handle is perfect.
  • Traction pad: The broad EVA grooved diamond traction pad is relaxing and offers excellent grip. It’s quite big allowing you to move the board length as needed.

Included Accessories: 

Paddle: Well, I’m pretty much saying this: I’m a paddle nerd. I like the carbon fixed blade paddles I ordered custom. I consider every penny worth it and make every paddle experience perfect. That said, the Goosehill aluminium customizable paddle that comes as part of the Rainbow R kit felt bulky at me and clunky at the edges. If you just use this board for general recreational use, however, and don’t want to commit to a higher price point paddle, it is functional. Low-end flexible paddles like this seem to get a slight waggle in the paddle shaft, and it’s no different from Goosehill.

Magic Backpack: Due to its overall length (too high/long), and lack of specified form, I was less than pleased with Goosehill Magic Backpack. I couldn’t get it to stand up straight when I hoisted the Magic Backpack onto my back, and it towered above my head. The bag leaned over, causing me to duck my head (which was annoying) but also keeled to one hand that made it impossible to move with it. I tried a few different ways to pack it and repack it, but I didn’t have any real luck in making it a stronger, easier form to handle. The Magic Backpack Also has wheels which are perfect for flying across airports because you can drag them with their top handle behind you. It does fit well in this way. Yet, unless the road and beach are concrete or gravel, the wheels won’t help you move the entire package.

3rd Generation Pump: It has an easy-to-read gauge on top to mark the psi. The pump did work well to relatively easily inflate the board. In the end, no air leaked. It is worthy of notice, I guess.

Fins: This board comes with two small thruster fins attached, and a 9′ core, fine snap-in. The middle fin has an innovative method of securing it to the board by means of a simple lever connected to the end by a sturdy rope that locks it into position.

Leash: The Rainbow R arrives with a coiled ankle leash at the back of the board that connects to the D-ring. The leash style is well designed, and I loved the coil to prevent the rope from falling into the sea. This is practical and long-lasting. Nothing good. Very optimistic.


Board Size:  10’6 X32″X6″ / 320 X 81 X 15cm
Maximum Payload:  551 lbs / 250 kg
Volume:  300 Liters
Maximum Air Pressure:  27 PSI
Net Weight:  20.5 lbs / 9.3kg


When I first heard about a $599 inflatable SUP coming in, I must admit my expectations were pretty low. I’m glad to be shocked, however, by the 10’6 Rainbow R iSUP from Goosehill. This board is built well, it looks fantastic, and it works well. The form of the front nose and rocker, accompanied by a more slender design, allows this a perfect glide for your dollar. The board is steady at 27psi, and it moves well. The capacity of 300 litres often enables a person to feel confident, shifting his or her foot and/or paddling in choppier conditions. The Rainbow R deck pad is well-designed, smooth underfoot and prevents any slide when the surface gets wet. I appreciate the D-rings to carry a water bottle, camera and dry bag at the front of the board for maximum play on the water. The Rainbow R, with its snap-in centre fin and 3rd Generation pump, was simple to bring together. From unloading to paddling pleasure, it is one quick 20 minute. The board has extreme volume with 6-inch rails and volume of 300 litres which provides stability throughout. Where possible, it can hold more than one person (maximum load, 550lbs). 

Great Budget  “Over-All SUP”

Priced at just $599, this package from Goosehill offers some really high quality performance. From the well-constructed design to the additional care given to stitching side seams. She glides. It’s safe, and it’s robust. I just like the board. Some of the accessories (specifically the paddle and the bag) I think should have retained a little more integrity in the construction; but, to reflect on the broader product I forget that. This is a $599 full stand-up paddleboard kit, and it comes in great colours. A major plus is the easy setup and snaps in centre fin. There’s a lot of board for your buck.

Where to buy

This is an affordable board and can now be bought at a price of $599. You can buy the board at the following links.

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