Important Fishing Tips For SUP Fishing

Fishing on a paddle board can be quite a new experience for many. It is way different from conventional fishing as firstly it is done on a board and not on a boat. But on a paddle board, fishing can be real fun as you can go on shallow waters and it has a thrill to it. In this article we will try to provide certain tips for improving your experience on a paddle board while fishing. 

Get the Right Kind of Paddle Board:

Before you go paddle board fishing, you should ensure that you select the correct sort of paddle board. There are paddle boards that are specifically designed for fishing with fishing confines introduced front of them. The fishing boxes can be useful as they can hold a paddle and fishing gears. These crates can likewise be utilized to store your catch, and they come with pole holders. 

Keep Things Light:

In paddle board fishing, you are utilizing your own energy to propel yourself around; albeit, some paddle boards come with engines. The heavier the paddle board, the more the stress on the motor or your body. You should go with the fishing gear that you really need. 

Keep Things Simple:

You should keep your lure and casting technique straightforward. Your lure ought to be little and simple to cast. There is no bit of leeway in attempting a few propelled casting techniques on your paddle board. 

Think about the Wind: 

Regardless of where you choose to angle, you ought to consistently consider the breeze and use it to further your potential benefit. Attempt to discover areas where you can utilize the breeze to float your back. The breeze will blow you around on a paddle board. We think it is savvy that you utilize the breeze to further your potential benefit. If you battle against the breeze, it will give you issues and stress you out. 

Try not to Be Afraid to Wade: 

We comprehend that it is energizing to angle from a paddle board. But if you are in a recognize that gives you the chance to wade, do that. You have a superior possibility at catching more fish if you wade. You can hop off your board, tie it to your abdomen and wade for some time. At the point when you decide to leave that spot, you can then jump back on your board and move to another area. 

Make an effort Not to Change Lures:

It is significantly more difficult to change fishing lures and other equipment on a paddle board than a boat. The paddle board is less steady and there isn’t as much space as a normal board. Along these lines, you should utilize a similar lure for whatever length of time that possible.


My greatest tip for different anglers: Try to extend your species list and learn however many types of fishing as could be allowed. You can spend a lifetime figuring out how to fish just in one area. In Portland, we have 4 occasional salmon/steelhead runs a year. Bass is great from April to October, Sturgeon from April to Oct, and you can discover cold water river trout all year. We never get frosted over throughout the winter and there is consistently a waterway to fish. Researching properly will help you have a better yield and also improve the overall experience. 

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