iRocker Nautical 10’6 SUP Review 2020

“The Nautical 10’6 ″ paddleboard is a piece of a fresh out of the box new budget range launched in 2020 by iROCKER designed for paddlers looking for a lower-cost inflatable SUP that doesn’t hold back on highlights or construction quality…”

Estimating 10’6 ″ x 32″ x 6″ and tipping the scales at a lightweight 19.5 pounds, the Nautical 10’6 ″ inflatable SUP has a great all-around shape that gives remarkable dependability and adaptability. The Nautical 10’6 ″ can be utilized for a wide range of paddling exercises, including recreational paddling, on-the-water SUP exercises, cruising with a canine or little youngsters, and the sky is the limit from there. Customers have been suggesting iROCKER inflatable paddle boards since the brand’s dispatch quite a long while prior, and it’s been energizing to see their company develop during that time. Since the dispatch of their initial two inflatable SUPs, the SPORT 10′ (presently suspended) and SPORT 11′, the company has kept up a solid spotlight on giving precisely what their customers are asking with affordable, purchaser direct pricing. 

In 2018, many individuals were scrutinizing the company’s choice to dispatch the premium BLACKFIN SUP brand and looking back, and it ended up being a phenomenal move. We expect a similar degree of achievement with the new Nautical range as it advances to a totally new section of the market, permitting iROCKER to catch much more piece of the pie. The arrival of the Nautical 10’6 ″ all-around SUP is a sensible method to dispatch the new range, and we’re anticipating seeing this new lineup develop in the years ahead.


  • Design – Dissimilar to numerous other inflatable SUPs, the Nautical 10’6 ″ is accessible this season in three incredible colour alternatives – white, blue, and aqua. The general design of the board is very well-done as we would like to think and the Nautical 10’6 ″ looks far more pleasant than most modest inflatable paddle boards available to be purchased this season. 
  • Traction Pad – The top deck of the board is secured by a soft and amazingly comfortable EVA foam traction pad. It includes a brushed surface that is simple on all fours, making it an extraordinary fit for SUP exercises. The grip pad additionally has a textured pattern for extra traction, and there’s a well-positioned central carrying handle which makes it simple to carry the board around. 
  • D-Rings – Situated along the two rails of the board are high-quality stainless steel D-rings which can be used to attach iROCKER’s discretionary kayak seat unit. Also, these are convenient strap focuses on the off chance that you need to attach extra gear. 
  • Bungee System – Present at the nose of the board is an enormous bungee storage that gives an advantageous and secure spot for you to stash your rucksack, dry sack, Crocs, and other paddling equipment. There’s additionally a grab handle which is useful for dealing with the board in and around the water. 
  • Fully Equipped Tail – Positioned at the tail of the Nautical 10’6 ″ is an inflation valve, leash D-ring, and a subsequent grab handle. The back grab handle is the one we frequently use as it permits you to drag the board along the seashore without hurting the fins. 
  • Three Fin System – On the underside of the SUP are three removable fins that use the equivalent tool-less flip-lock system seen on iROCKER’s normal and premium BLACKFIN SUPs.

Included Accessories:

  • Backpack – The Nautical SUP backpack is far more pleasant than the bags that accompany other entry-level paddleboards. Truth be told, the sack is basically a rebranded adaptation of a year ago’s iROCKER pack. On the outside of the sack are compression straps which help to keep things set up when everything is gotten together. There is likewise a mesh storage pocket on one side that can be used to make sure about your paddle or a towel. 
  • Paddle – The included paddle is additionally of acceptable quality. It’s a fibreglass variant of the carbon mix paddle that comes standard with iROCKER’s regular boards this season. This lightweight paddle floats and is completely adjustable. A change to iROCKER’s time tested paddle design this season is the blade. Gone is the heavier blade and supplanting it is a little, lighter blade. 
  • Dual-action Pump – iROCKER additionally incorporates a rebranded adaptation of their past dual-action pump. This is a high-quality hand pump that works superbly of inflating the board. This pump highlights two inflation modes: 
  • Dual-action: Adds air to your board on both the up and down strokes. 
  • Single-action: Only includes air to your SUP the downstrokes, giving you the leverage expected to pump the board up to 15 PSI. 

The pump likewise has an easy-to-read pressure gauge on top of the handle, permitting you to see precisely how much air is in your paddleboard during the inflation procedure. 

  • Coiled leash – iROCKER incorporates an essential coiled SUP leash with the Nautical 10’6″. This leash isn’t colour-coded to the board which we would like. However, it takes care of business. The lower leg sleeve is secured by soft neoprene material for solace, and there are dual metal swivels to forestall tangling. 
  • Repair kit – In the event that you ever need to play out a fix on your board, there’s a helpful iSUP fix unit remembered for the container. Within the plastic canister are a valve wrench and an enormous bit of PVC material.


The Nautical 10’6 ″ is an overall board that was designed for steadiness and general on-the-water fun. It’s a perfect board to learn on and given the affordable value point, and we expect this will be one of the more famous models for SUP newcomers in 2020. While not designed to be a record-breaker as far as speed, this board paddles well on the water, and you won’t discover it to feel drowsy in any capacity. In case you’re searching for a board that can be used for a wide assortment of conditions and exercises, the Nautical 10’6 ″ is an extremely fun choice.


  • Length – 10’6”
  • Thickness – 6”
  • Width – 32”
  • Weight – 19.5 lbs.
  • Weight Capacity – 240 lbs.

Great Overall Board:

Nautical by iRocker is known for its stability and sturdiness. This is a perfect board for all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or a pro at this game, Nautical will be fun to ride for you. The Nautical 10’6 ″ can be utilized for a wide range of paddling exercises, including recreational paddling, on-the-water SUP exercises, cruising etc. The board is made to last, no matter what you throw at it.

Where to buy:

This is an affordable board and can now be bought at a price of $449. You can buy the board at the following links.


As referenced, iROCKER’s Nautical SUPs incorporate a 1-year warranty that covers any assembling defects. While it’s not as accepting of a warranty as the 2-year inclusion included with the company’s increasingly expensive paddleboards, it’s standard for boards in this cost range. In all actuality, there are a lot of higher-estimated boards that incorporate a 1-year warranty, so there’s genuinely nothing to complain about. In case you’re the sort of individual who inclines toward a more drawn out warranty, we’d pick the extended warranty when checking out.

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