Isle 11 ft. Explorer Inflatable SUP Review

This is a great inflatable SUP which is perfect for people wanting to paddle on lakes, rivers or even catch some small waves. The board comes in two different lengths – 11’ and 12’. Both these variants have exact same features, so the 11’ long is the ideal recommendation unless you are a larger person. One other major selling point apart from stability is the looks of the board. The design team at Isle did a fantastic job of designing the board. 

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  • Bungee Cord – This board is equipped with 2 sets of bungees. The larger set is located at the nose of the board. It is enough to carry any equipment you want to bring along. The next bungee is at the rear of the board.
  • Traction Pad – The traction pad is not super long as the front bungee cord takes a lot of space. But the pads a pretty comfortable and provide an excellent grip.
  • Shape – The shape of this board is designed to provide better tracking and manoeuvrability. The shape and width of the board are not speed-friendly so don’t expect too much in that department.
  • D Rings – The board has a total of 12 D rings. Four of those rings are being used by the front bungee system and 4 by the rear bungee system. Then there are two D rings on each side to provide room for attachments like a seat or attaching additional equipment. 
  • Fin System – The board has a 3 fin system which can be screwed to the board. This eliminates any moving parts and thus any chances of losing them. You should always use the large fin in deep waters as that provides better performance. But in cases when paddling is to be done in shallow seas or waters with debris, you should use on the two small fins. Overall the fin system is really versatile. 


  • Paddle – Isle is known for providing some high-quality paddles. This board comes with a 3 piece carbon fibre paddle. The carbon build makes it easier to use and causes less shoulder and arm fatigue.
  • Leash – There is also a coiled leash that comes along with the board. This helps you as in cases when you fall off, the leash will not let the board drift away.
  • Backpack – The bag that comes with the board is easy to carry. It has padded straps and additional straps for the waist and chest. This provides greater comfort, and taking the board becomes an easier task. It also helps to store the board away from sunlight. 
  • Dual Action Hand Pump – This is a standard accessory when it comes to inflatable boards. The pump takes around 7 – 8 minutes to fully inflate the board. If you want to do it in a way that does not break a sweat, then you should go for electronic pumps. 
  • Repair Kit – Every inflatable also comes with a pretty general repair kit with some glue, patches and a valve tightener. 


The board is 11’ long, 32” wide and is 6” thick. It is considerably lighter with a total weight of 19.1 lbs and has a load-carrying capacity of 275 lbs. The board is made from military-grade drop-stitch PVC, which is dual-layered. This makes the board strong, rigid, and extremely stable. The newer version of the board uses the new Airtech Fusion Light Construction which has made this newer version 10 lbs lighter. 


There are not many negatives to this board. But as they say, there is always room for improvement. Like the board would have been much nicer with additional D rings on it. It is highly stable, which also makes it sluggish when used with heavyweights. The board is not really fast, but that is not the only factor that matters. Overall this is excellent for beginner to intermediate experience levels. 


This board is really robust and stable. The performance is excellent overall, as it does not excel in any one area. This stability makes it right for paddling in oceans and rivers where the water might get a little choppy. This is a pretty versatile board and is made to make you feel safe and secure. This also makes it senior citizen-friendly and idle for doing yoga. Although since it does not have a long traction pad, it does not qualify for a yoga board. 

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Where to Buy?

This is an affordable tourer and can now be bought at $795. You can buy the board at the following links.

  1. Amazon –
  2. Isle Official Website –

Payment Options & Return Policy

Isle provides a 60-day “Ride it” Guarantee. The customer can try the product out within this period and then if not satisfied can return it provided, the product is not damaged. Inflatable Board like this also has a 1-year limited warranty which will only cover defects in material or workmanship.

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