NIXY Manhattan SUP Review

As of now the longest board in NIXY’s inflatable SUP line and accessible in two shading choices (red/white, and blue/white), the 12’6 ″ Manhattan is a fun touring SUP that is ideal for exploring and paddling significant distances. This is a quick board that glides pleasantly on the water, and it tracks well despite having just a solitary fin. In 2018, NIXY transitioned their whole inflatable SUP arrangement over to cutting-edge fusion technology which resulted in immense weight reductions. NIXY’s first form of the Manhattan touring model weighed in at roughly 30 pounds, while this most recent board comes in at only 22 pounds. Despite being so lightweight, NIXY Manhattan is very durable and offers outstanding rigidity. Because of the advanced FUSIONtech drop-stitch construction, the board is excessively hardened and can be inflated as far as possible up to 20 PSI.


  • The top deck of the NIXY Manhattan is covered by a large, premium quality EVA foam traction pad. The deck pad offers fantastic hold and is incredibly comfortable gratitude to the brushed surface, and new logo embossed traction design. 
  • Located at the middle of the board is a carrying handle which is covered by a delicate, neoprene spread. The handle is entirely comfortable and makes it simple to carry the board around when it’s completely inflated. New for 2019, NIXY added a Velcro closure to the handle spread which permits you to take the neoprene spread off for a lay-level handle (incredible on the off chance that you’ll be sitting or setting down on the board). 
  • Likewise located mid-board along the outside edges of the traction pad are two stainless steel D-rings. These can be used to join a kayak seat or as secure focuses for securing outdoors gear, a SUP cooler, and so on. At the board’s tail is another stainless steel D-ring for appending the included SUP leash. There are likewise 6 D-ring connection focuses a back bungee storage area, and an advantageous get handle — every single new addition to the Manhattan in 2019. 
  • Located at the nose of the board is a Halkey-Roberts style air valve. Situating the swelling valve at the board’s nose permits you to start rolling the board from the tail, making it simpler to fold everything flawlessly over the fin box. 
  • The nose of the Manhattan additionally includes another get handle and four more D-rings with a flexible bungee cord storage area for securing your dry pack, swimming gear, and so on. On the other side, the NIXY Manhattan has a solitary D-ring under the nose for towing the board or tying it to a vessel dock. 
  • There’s additionally an enormous, removable single fin at the tail. For 2020, NIXY switched to an advantageous apparatus less fin framework with a snappy discharge lock. It’s incredibly simple to utilize and still very secure. 


  • Backpack – NIXY’s wheeled roller backpack is all around constructed and made out of durable materials. At first introduced last season, the current year’s form includes some pleasant upgrades that have been added based on client feedback. For 2020, NIXY updated the handle positions on the backpack, making it significantly simpler to carry or pull. The pack includes too comfortable grab handles located at the top and side, and there’s additionally a helpful plastic grab handle located on the base of the sack. These handles make it extremely simple to pull the pack all through the vehicle. 
  • Paddle – NIXY totally revamped their 3-piece travel paddle in 2019, supplanting the past season’s aluminium shaft adaptation with a lighter fibreglass model. This paddle has a durable design, and the flimsy lightweight blade offers good rigidity because of the raised backings along the front. 
  • Typhoon Pump – NIXY has additionally replaced their dual-action pump with the Typhoon Pump, a brand new dual-chamber triple-action model that dramatically reduces the time and exertion needed to inflate the Manhattan. Tipping the scales at just 3.81 pounds, NIXY’s Typhoon Pump includes an “Action Control” dial that permits you to switch modes during the inflation procedure. At the point when you at first start to pump up the Manhattan, just turn the dial to setting #1. When you start to see huge opposition, flip the dial to mode #2 and at last to #3 to finish swelling the board to 15-20 PSI. The pump accompanies an adaptable inflation hose, and there’s likewise a worked in pressure gauge on the handle which advantageously reveals to you how much air is in your board consistently during the inflation procedure. 
  • Hybrid Leash – SUP security is a significant point, and we’re glad that NIXY includes a lower leg leash with the entirety of their 2019 boards. This year, NIXY’s leash includes a hybrid coiled/straight cord design for reduced strain, and the neoprene sleeve is very much padded and amazingly comfortable. In conclusion, there’s a hidden storage pocket for reserving your key at the two ends to forestall tangles. 
  • Shoulder Carrying Strap – Another addition to NIXY’s SUP embellishment bundle, the shoulder carrying strap is a substantially more helpful way to carry your inflated board to and fro to the water. This completely adjustable strap rapidly joins to the D-rings on the top deck of the Manhattan, permitting you to toss the board behind you and opening up your hands to carry different gear. This is an extremely handy accomplice to have and a decent reward that NIXY is tossing in with their boards. 
  • Repair Kit – To wrap things up, the Manhattan accompanies a supportive client manual and an iSUP repair unit. Inside of the orange plastic compartment is a valve wrench and three PVC patches.


  • Length – 12’6” 
  • Width – 30”
  • Thickness – 6”
  • Weight – 22 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity – 300 lbs.


The new Manhattan is incredibly amusing to paddle. This board glides and tracks well, and it’s ideal for cruising lakes, paddling significant distances, and loading down with outdoor gear for multi-day SUP adventures. It slices easily through the water and still offers enough stability to be enjoyed by inexperienced paddlers. This is likewise a pleasant board for paddling around little children or your dog, and there’s a lot of room at the nose for travellers.

Great for Touring:

The Manhattan board has a nice length of 12’6” and is not that wide. These dimensions make a perfect combination and add speed to the board. That way you can easily cover greater distances on it without too much exertion. It glides efficiently, and each stroke goes smoothly. The board also has enough storage and expansion capabilities allowing you to carry your gear along during long excursions. 

Where to buy:

This is an affordable board and can now be bought at a price of $715. You can buy the board at the following links.


Nixy is known in the industry for being consumer-friendly. They offer a 30 Day Risk-Free Return policy in which the consumer can try the product and if not satisfied can return it within 30 days of delivery. They also offer an industry-unique 90 days warranty on the accessories that come along the board. The board has a 2-year warranty on all of its boards excluding the normal wear and tear.

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