Red Paddle Co Voyager MSL Review

Red Paddle is known for creating some high quality products. The Voyager is longer board than usual and comes with a length of 12’6”  which makes it ideal for heavier and taller paddlers. You can even add some cargo and a dog, and still, the board will be super easy to control. The brand is some of the few companies which have its own factory where the manufacturing is done with all the quality tests and measures. This board is ideal for touring and other long adventures as is easy to peddle and has some speed to it.

Important features

  • D rings – The board has in total 12 D rings, which makes it more customizable and taking things along becomes easier. 6 of these rings are used by the front bungee system and 4 by the rear bungee system. Then one D ring is located on each end of the board which can be sued to attach a leash and some other equipment along. 
  • Bungees – This board has a large bungee system upfront which can help you to carry gear and cargo along like water cooler, PFD etc.  
  • Handles – There in total 3 handles on the board. All three are located on the centre line of the board. 
  • Fin System – The board comes with a 9” removable FCS Fin which really helps with tracking and performance. There also two attaché fins in the front and a nose runner for better control.
  • RSS Batons – This board has the ability for attachment of RSS batons on the side of the board that provides more rigidity to the board in cases when the board has excessive luggage. 
  • Traction Pad – The board has huge traction pad which made it easier to move on the board while paddling.  


  • Backpack – The bag that comes with the board is easy to carry. It has padded straps and additional straps for the waist and chest. This provides greater comfort, and taking the board becomes an easier task. It also helps to store the board away from sunlight. 
  • Leash – There is also a coiled leash that comes along with the board. This helps you as in cases when you fall off, the leash will not let the board drift away. 
  • Dual Action Hand Pump – This is a standard accessory when it comes to inflatable boards. The pump takes around 7 – 8 minutes to fully inflate the board. If you want to do it in a way that does not break a sweat, then you should go for electronic pumps. 
  • Paddle – Gilli is known for providing some high-quality paddles. This board comes with a 3 piece carbon fibre paddle. The carbon build makes it easier to use and causes less shoulder and arm fatigue.
  • Repair Kit – Every inflatable also comes with a pretty general repair kit with some glue, patches and a valve tightener. 


This board, as told earlier, is pretty long with a huge length of 12’6”. It has a width of 32’ and a thickness of 5.9” and in total weighs 27 lbs which is pretty light when looked at the size of the board. MSL has its own patented technology that they use in their boards. This basically means a layer of polymer is fused in drop stitch core at the raw material stage, giving it more strength. The board can hold a weight of 330 lbs.


The board makes you feel safe as it is large and is made to handle loads of weight. The board also has excellent glide performance. It is difficult for an inflatable board to match a rigid board, this one comes really close. The board is build for glide efficiency and speed. This is pretty intresting as it provides both stability nad glide performance. It is a nice tourer and you can even take your dog along on any expedition. 

Other SUP Alternatives:

This is a real nice SUP which can cater to all the general needs. But if you are interested in more options, then you can also check out following SUPs.

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Where to Buy?

This board can now be bought at a discounted price of $1649. You can buy the board at the following links.

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