Sun Dolphin Seaquest 10 Review

With the Sun Dolphin Seaquest, the brand caught our attention as to how good it was. This board is not inflatable which may make it a little heavier but also increases its life and stability by making it more rigid. This board is extremely stable and can even cruise smoothly through choppy waters even when you might have some cargo or a child on board. It is a fantastic option for the price. The board is a little short at 10′ length and weighs 46 pounds due to its plastic form. But due to this weight, it is a bit difficult to carry. 

Important features

  • Bungees – This board is equipped with 1 set of bungees. The bungee system is located at the front nose of the board. It is a rather large bungee system that provides room to store more items like equipment, shoes etc. 
  • D rings – There are 6 D rings, but all of those are used up by the bungee system. Essentially there are no D rings for further attachments. 
  • Handles – There in total 5 handles on the board. One in the centre is padded, which makes it easier to carry the board around. Then there are handles on each side which makes it easier to carry the board to the shore. 
  • Fin System – The board comes with a single fin system which is not detachable.
  • Traction Pad – The board has a brushed non slip EVA traction pad which makes it easier to stand and even kneel on the board. 
  • Strap Storage – There is another way of storage that is using a strap to hold down a small cooler on the board. This is located on the backside of the board. 


Since this is hardboard, it does not come with all those additional accessories that come with a standard iSUP. This board comes with a single paddle, although it supports the use of two paddles. There also comes a leash along with the board. 


The board is 10′ long and has a width and thickness of 33″ and 7.5″ respectively. The thickness is more than the usual boards, but it helps in making the board more stable. The board is pretty heavy since it is not inflatable. The weight is 50 lbs, which is less than other hard boards in the marker. The board is made from Rugged UV-stabilized Fortiflex® High-Density Polyethylene which makes it highly durable and less prone to bumps and dents. 


The board, due to its weight, gives poor gliding performance when compared to other good boards. But all that is compensated when we talk about stability. This board is some of the most stable boards on the market. Due to its boat-like build, balance is in its nature. This means carrying cargo, and multiple passengers is an easy task and the SeaQuest can take it all like a champ. Seaquest also has really manoeuvrability. Due to the material used, the board is also highly durable and can last a lifetime.  

Other SUP Alternatives:

This is a real nice SUP which can cater to all the general needs. But if you are interested in more options, then you can also check out following SUPs.

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  2. California Board Company 10’6
  3. BIC Ace-Tec Cross Adventure

Where to Buy?

This is an affordable tourer and can now be bought at an affordable price of $399. You can buy the board at the following links.

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