THURSO SURF 10’6” WaterWalker inflatable SUP Review

The WaterWalker by THURSO is an all-around inflatable SUP that can be carried around in a bag. This board is known for how versatile it is. The board is super easy and fast to assemble, and that does not mean that it’s weak. The board can face winds and choppy waters on its own. This smaller variant is much versatile as is more comfortable to paddle and can take quick turns.  The board is meant for all the experience levels from beginners to advanced. The boards have neutral colours which THURSO is known for. 

Important Features:

  • Bungee Deck Cords – These deck bungees come handy when you want to carry some stuff along. Whether it is your shoes or a water cooler. This feature is getting more common in general inflatable SUPs. The size differs with the size of the board. Waterwalker has a perfect size which can help you to carry items. But remember that these bungees have small capacities and thus take what is essential. 
  • D Rings – The board has a total of 9 D rings which help in further attachments like a seat.  4 of these rings are being used by the bungee cord on the front deck. Two rings are placed on each side of the traction pad. One is at the end of the board, which can be used to attach a leash. 
  • Fins – This board has a new fin system which has 3 removable fins instead of one. This means you can get the speed by only using one large fin and more stability by using all the three. They are securely attached and then work wonders when it comes to turning and tracking. 
  • Carry Handle – The handle has an add on the removable cover, which makes it easier to carry the board. This handle will also you secure your paddle when not in use for, e.g. while doing yoga on the board. Another grip is present close to the nose of the board. 
  • Traction Pad –  The traction pad is really grippy and lets you comfortable stand or kneel on the board. It covers a large portion of the board from the back to the front bungee decking which gives enough space to move around and position yourself. 


  • Deck Cooler Bag – It is a cool accessory to provide. The bag can hold up to 10 cans and also has additional pockets to store small items like watches. This bag is splashproof and not completely waterproof. Although during tests, nothing inside the bag got wet still it would be recommended to store your phones and other electronics in a dry bag. It helps keep your drinks cold while boarding.
  • SUP Leash – This is a beneficial safety tool. One end of this is attached to the board and the rest with the ankles. This prevents the board from getting far away if in case you fall off. 
  • 3 piece Paddle – Unlike the heavier aluminium shafts, this shaft by THURSO is made from carbon which makes it lighter to carry and use. Although not being fully carbon fibre made, it still helps reduce fatigue. It also can be used a 2 piece shaft which helps beginners who usually kneel or sit while paddling. 
  • Pump – This pump is super efficient and it inflates the board within 6-7 mins. This, although is manual and will require some efforts. 
  • Bagpack – This bag is super cool and heavy duty which makes it easier to carry and store the board when not in use.

Specs of the Board:

This board comes in two variants, i.e. 10’6” and 11’ long. The only difference is that the smaller version is easier to control and turn, whereas the longer one can carry some extra load and provides a larger deck space. 

The 10’6” variant is 31” wide and 6” thick. The board weighs a total of 24lbs and can carry a weight of 280lbs. It has a two-layered construction with a military-grade PVC on the top, and a drop-stitch internal fabric. It is versatile board and can be used on lakes, rivers and oceans. 


This board has two negatives and neither is a big deal. The first one being that is is not really fast. If that is what your requirement is, then you can go for a SUP with a pointier nose like the THURSo Expedition. But since this is an all-around board, speed should not really be a negative. The second one is also nothing too big. The board does not have a kick tail. But A lot of boards done have it. So overall, there are not many flaws in the board. 


This board although is not really fast when compared to other boards, but it sure is super easy to manoeuvre. Paddling involves little effort but all that is compensated by how versatile the board is. It can go against small waves and still feel smooth to paddle. You can carry along your dog on a little adventure, and we found it to be super fun on flat water lakes and rivers. The board overall is light and still robust enough to go against little hurdles.  

This board can be bought from Amazon for $699 with all the accessories.

THURSO SURF Inflatable SUP Comparison Chart:

THURSO Expedition
11’6″x30″x6″ 28 lbs 330 lbs
THURSO Waterwalker 11′
11’x32″x6″ 29 lbs 300 lbs
THURSO Waterwalker 10’6″
10’6″x31″x6″ 26 lbs 300 lbs
THURSO Waterwalker 10′
10’x30″x6″ 24 lbs 240 lbs
THURSO Prodigy
7’6″x30″x4″ 19 lbs 165 lbs
THURSO Tranquility
10’8″x34x6″ 29 lbs 350 lbs
11’6″x34x6″ 33 lbs 370 lbs

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