7 Best Yoga and Exercise Paddle Boards in 2021

Yoga is a form of exercise where you can gain flexibility, inner peace, and stability through movement. Over the years, paddle boards have gone through various reforms that allow you to showcase different poses. Choosing the best yoga SUPs can help you advance your training process that leads to a healthy body. All the sups given below have a great thickness that doesn’t get you wet while performing advanced poses and doing other exercises. If you are planning to buy a paddleboard, check for three essential things- balance, stability, and width surface. 

1. ISLE 10’ Versa 10’5” Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board:

ISLE company is working for years in making and producing paddle boards to perfection. They are known to use high-quality material to produce the finest items. 

Military-grade PVC material has been used to produce the ISLE Versa paddleboard. The board only weighs 27 lbs which is super lightweight and has weight tolerance up to 245 lbs. The board is 5 inches thick which ensures that you don’t get wet while performing yoga poses. Single fin is attached to the board and it measures 10 inches long and 32 inches wide for better stability. This paddleboard has a bungee system feature that allows you to carry your belongings safely, for example, a yoga mat. ISLE offers more accessories along with the paddleboard such as a backpack, a three-piece paddle, a repair kit, and a pump. It comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.  

You can buy them for $895 from Islesurfandsup.com

2. Driftsun Balance 11’ SUP Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board:

I would suggest this board if you are looking for one with a larger area and a higher weight limit. The material used is Military-grade PVC and the board is 11 inches long, 34 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. The exciting feature of this board is that it comes with a backpack with wheels. It becomes easier to carry your items, as you can drag the bag around or you can just carry it on your shoulders. This board has weight tolerance up to 400 lbs which is very good as it weighs 26 lbs only. the board has a triple fin system as well as a bungee system so that you can stay on the water for the entire day without any disturbances. The paddleboard comes with a full package that includes paddle, leash, pump, and repair kit. 

You can get this paddleboard from Amazon.com

3. Aqua Marina Vapor Inflatable Yoga Paddle Board:

Aqua Marina Paddle Board has been incorporated with advanced technologies which makes it a perfect sculpted board. The board comes with a large EVA footpad and is made of military-grade PVC. The measurements of the boards are 10 inches long, 30 inches wide and 4 mm thick which makes it the best board for traction when you are not in waters. The board has a pattern of honeycomb groove which is heat-molded

to provide a firm grip. The curved design of the board is best-suited for beginners that ensures stability. For extra storage, d-strings are attached to the board. The package includes other accessories like a paddle, pump, leash, single fin, and backpack. It is super durable and weighs 20.9 lbs with a weight limit of 275 lbs. 

You can buy this paddleboard from Amazon.com

4. Ten Toes WEEKENDER 10-Feet Yoga Paddle Board:


Ten Toes company is best known for its customer friendly services. The board is built with drop stitch technology that turns the board like a rigid board once it is inflated. The sturdy design of the board keeps the balance of portability and a hard paddle board. Military-grade PVC material is used in the making and the board comes with accessories like a paddle, tri-fin system, repair kit, and pump. Ten Toes company provides a one-year warranty also. Even though the board is a little heavier as compared to others (30 lbs), the 10-foot long board has a  larger space to move around and maintains stability. It has a weight tolerance of 250 lbs. This paddle board is equipped with a non-slip deck pad which allows better as well as safer movements. 

5. Atoll Yoga Paddle Board:


The best feature about with board is the lightweight (19 lbs) aluminum paddle yet it does not compromise on the rigidity and stability in the water and still holds a weight capacity of 350 lbs. The board is inflated to 15 psi with the help of a high-pressure pump and the bungee system allows you to carry a few items as well. It is adjustable outside the water accordingly because of the three-piece paddle feature  The triple-fin system is made user-friendly to change the fins without any requirements of tools. The 15 d-rings or bungee system is available so that you can carry some extras with you.  The Atoll yoga paddleboard measures 11 inches long, 32 inches wide, and 6 inches thick. A two-year warranty is provided for this item. 

Buy this paddleboard from Amazon.com

6. Goplus Inflatable Paddle Board:

This board is suitable for all levels of yoga poses. The paddleboard is built with military-grade PVC, an excellent material, and holds the dimensions as 11 inches long, 30 inches wide and 6 inches thick. The drop stitch technology gives more durability and portability to the paddleboard. It carries multiple functions like a triple-fin system and drop stitch technology. The board weighs 24.5 lbs but it can still be folded to a smaller size so that it can be fitted into the backpack easily. Then backpack has enough space to carry other accessories that comes with the board such as a pump, repair kit, and paddle. The manoeuvrability of the board is sufficient to track its way through oceans, rivers, and still perform yoga poses efficiently. The weight capacity is 440 pounds, high enough to carry items for long trips. 

This item can be purchased at the rate of $249.99- $279.99 from Amazon.com

7. Solstice Bali Yoga Paddle Board:

This Colorado company has been able to ensure good quality at affordable prices. If you are a beginner and are looking for paddleboards under reasonable prices, then this is the best option for you. This 10-foot long board has great durability because it is designed in a rigid form which lets you slide easily across water bodies. This also handles the added pressure that is applied while performing yoga. The board weighs 39.4 pounds and allows weight up to 250 pounds. The material used to make this board is 1000 Denier 3 Ply PVC Reinforced Fabric and it comes with additional accessories such as a backpack, gauge, and pump.

This paddleboard is available at Amazon.com

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