Pumped Up SUP Review 2021

Pumped Up SUP was founded in 2012 and is specialized in the equipment and technology for inflatable stand-up paddleboards. The team is made up of stand-up paddling experts who turned their fascination with finding, acquiring and testing the finest and latest in stand-up paddle gear into a retail business, with a focus on details. They have checked and used every product they offer and wish to share all that with customers who are either new to the sport or would like to take their game to a greater level.

“We feel very strongly about all the brands and goods that we want to endorse and will only be selling the best in class goods we use ourselves.”

A great SUP web-store

The website hosts a considerable collection of SUP boards and related accessories. You can find the SUPs as per your own preferences, from several trusted brands. They sell really high-quality products with a unique emphasis on Inflatables. Customers can scroll through products which are displayed in five different heads:

  • Products based on Brands – This section lists down all the brands that are available on the website. Customers can easily sort through products if they have a specific brand in mind. This also is a quick way to list all the trusted brands that are available, indicating the website’s trustworthiness. 
  • Products based on Type – For the users who are aware of what use they are going to put their board to, can straight away dive into this section. There are numerous categories of boards available from all-round to yoga specific. This helps you find the board for your specific needs. 
  • Paddles and Accessories – This section has all sorts of paddling accessories ranging from the paddle and pumps to PFDs. All the accessories that are available on this website are of premium quality and can be trusted on.
  • SUP Deals and Clearance – This section is for those who want to save some bucks as all the products on here are discounted. The stocks, although are limited, so you must hurry up!
  • Open Box SUP – This is a unique section as it’s not seen on any websites. The products in this section are refurbished or unsealed. Pumped Up SUP although claims that all the products go through a quality test and aren’t defected in any manner. It’s a nice way to save some huge bucks on your paddleboards. Similar to the deals and clearance section, the stocks on here are also highly limited.

List of brands available

  1. Earth River SUP – Earth River SUP began making boards for instructional schools, so they were created to be used quite a few times a day, daily. Not only were they created to be robust, but they’re also made to be durable as beginners are the ones mostly attending a school! ERS boards are engineered to be versatile, allowing multiple locations and conditions for use. But not to the extent that it affects overall performance. 
  2. Red Paddle Co – Red Paddle Co produces some of the finest inflatable paddle boards on the market, and their revised range managed to dominate the industry in terms of longevity, functionality, rigidity and overall performance. The famous range of Red Paddle Co SUP boards, a well-known favourite in the world of inflatable paddle boards, blends the best of cutting edge design, versatility, durability and reliability.
  3. Starboard SUP – Svein Rasmussen, world champion windsurfer and Olympic athlete, formed Starboard in 1994. Originally geared only towards windsurfing, Starboard was rapidly diversified by opening up to the SUP market. Starboard has won everything, first on rigid boards and then on inflatable boards, and continues to dominate major tournaments in all disciplines: from surfing to racing; the greatest players ride the best boards: the Starboard ones.
  4. Naish – Naish, based in Haiku, Hawaii, was founded in 1979 and is a well-known company in the boardsports world. With a wide variety of SUPs and windsurfing, kiteboarding and foiling equipment, Naish has identified itself as a worldwide pioneer in water activities.
  5. Hala Gear – Since 2011, Hala Gear has made amazing, inflatable SUP boards, and they still seem to push the latest design boundaries in the world of paddleboards. Hala SUP boards are well known for their high performance, excellent stability and innovative designs.
  6. NRS – NRS based in Moscow, Idaho, is a very well-known manufacturer of iSUPs, rafts, kayaks and other outdoor equipment. Northwest River Supplies, founded in 1972 by Bill Parks, has developed over the years and became one of the industry’s leading labels of water sports. In addition to developing its iconic line of durable outdoor equipment, NRS is also actively involved with many national and local preservation initiatives.

Best Selling Products




Warranty and Return Policies

Pimped Up SUP is an authorized retailer of the brands available on here and the products come with COMPLETE manufacturer’s warranty. The products sold on the website are chosen based on reliability and quality. The warranty policies differ from brand to brand, and it is clearly mentioned on the website that in case of any claim, it will be the manufacturer that will be responsible. 

They have a pretty strict 30 days return policy which requires the product to be “unopened, unused and re-sellable”. This probably means that you are not allowed to use the product and then return if it doesn’t suit you, which is the most common return policy provided by brands.

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