Thurso Surf Review

Canada-based paddleboard manufacturer Thursosurf was founded in 2016. For tough, reasonably priced, and value-packed inflatable paddle boards, this is the firm to turn to. The company currently offers seven iSUP in its amazing lineup, with versions that range in length from 7’6″ to 11’6″. Along with their well-known inflatable SUPs, THURSO also offers a growing selection of accessories, such as paddles, a kayak seat, an electric iSUP pump, clothing, and more.

About Thurso Surf

Thurso is known for creating and producing high-quality paddle boards, and this reputation is well-deserved. Particularly their Waterwalker line of all-purpose SUPs demonstrates their focus on precise aesthetics and thoughtful design. This attention to detail is probably attributable to founder Shenglong You’s engineering expertise.

Two buddies who had just lost touch over paddleboarding formed Thurso Surf. After middle school, they had both parted ways, but when they reconnected 15 years later, Yu, a friend from their youth who had been working for a large SUP manufacturer, had introduced Shenlong to his new favourite sport. It’s simple to learn how to paddleboard, and it’s a lot of fun. Learning a new sport brought back the spirit of play we had while playing together as youngsters. They were immediately hooked!They outgrew their equipment quite quickly as they gained knowledge and developed. They discovered what they were seeking for didn’t exist… yet in their quest to better their performance, stability, glide, comfort, and overall experience. They began fiddling instead of accepting “no” as a response and continuing to use the equipment we already had. There was no going back once drawings and ideas started exchanging. Thurso sup was born in this manner.

Best Selling products

The SUP boards from Thurso are of the best quality, durability, and stability. They provide numerous excellent supplements, including The Waterwalker, Prodigy, Expedition, Max, and others. Let’s check out a few of their offerings.

THURSO Prodigy Junior

The Prodigy Junior SUP was made specifically for children, yet it was constructed to the same high standards of quality and safety as our full-sized boards. Its all-around form is significantly more agile for smaller paddlers than a full-sized SUP and stable enough for newbies just getting their feet wet. It’s the ideal transition into independence on the water for kids ages 5 and up, with a paddle that fits.
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THURSO Waterwalker 120 (2022)

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert paddler, The Waterwalker, their best-selling flagship all-around board, is ready to transport you and your gear on your next journey. The versatile board is available in three sizes to accommodate different body types and paddling techniques.
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THURSO Waterwalker 126 (2022)

The THURSO Waterwalker 126 is a mid-sized all-around paddle board and measures 10’6″ x 31″ x 6″. The basic features and shape of this model are the same as those of the other Waterwalkers. The WW126 is a nice option for small to medium size paddlers who may find the WW120’s 30″ width to be a little too unstable for their liking because Thurso scales both the width and length of its all-around SUPs.
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The SUV of SUPs is the Max. Kids and pets are welcome on their enormous all-around inflatable! Its full-length deck pad ensures comfort and traction from tip to tail and protects your deck from paws and claws. It is designed for numerous riders and paddling with pets. It’s the ideal option for long-distance hauling of heavy loads or for fishing and hunting.
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THURSO Tranquility

When practising poses, core exercises, and fitness routines, the Tranquility is a firm, comfortable base that is also a lot of fun to paddle. You have plenty of space to spread out thanks to the expanded traction pad, which also sheds water to reduce slippage. The Tranquility is a great option whether you’re looking to discover your zen, have fun paddling with friends or your pet, or all of the above.
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Warranty and Returns

Thurso Surf offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so you may try the SUP and get a full return if you’re not happy. The price of return shipping is not covered. On the other side, it’s almost unheard of for Thurso Surf to pay the postage for a return of a damaged board. But before they can offer you a shipping label, you must present all the necessary papers.

For workmanship flaws, they offer a 2-year limited warranty, which is about average. Bags come with a one-year warranty, while paddles, leashes, and pumps have a 60-day guarantee.

Finding their support details on their website was simple. The warranty is well worded and uncomplicated. As anticipated, THURSO SURF stands by its offering.

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