10 Must Have Accessories To Paddle Safely

Paddling is exciting and adventurous, but at the same time, it requires certain precautions. The primary two things you require to go SUPing is a SUP and a paddle. However, there are several other accessories that you will need to help you improve your paddling experience. This article will cover 10 most essential accessories you must have to get a better experience.

1. Personal Flotation Device (PFD) or a Life Vest:

This is the most essential accessory that you must have as it can save your life. While paddling let’s hope that most of the times you are on the board. But in the off chance that you fall in the water, this vest will keep you afloat and help preserve energy while swimming to your board. If you want to go touring, then you must carry a PFD along. 

Following are some great PFD options:

  • Onyx MoveVent Torsion Paddle Sports Life Vest – Amazon.com
  • Stearns Youth Floating Vest – Amazon.com
  • O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest – Amazon.com

2. Coiled SUP Leash:

This is another important accessory which prevents your board from drifting away. This leash attaches your ankle or shin to the board, and in cases, you fall off the board, this leash will always make sure that your board can be reached. You must buy the coiled one as it is less likely to come in your way while paddling. Most of the times it is likely that your board will come with a leash, but in case it does not, or you lose it, refer to the below-listed products. 

Following are some great options:

  • Dakine SUP Coiled Ankle 10ft x 5/16 Surf Leash One Size Black – Amazon.com
  • KONA SURF CO. SUP Coil 7MM Knee Coiled SUP Leash – Amazon.com

3. SUP Anchor Kit:

This also is necessary as it helps you to dock your board in one place while you stop. This can be helpful when covering long distances and you need to stop for catching some air or just relaxing.

Following are some great options:

4. Roof Rack:

This is a necessity for hardboard owners planning to go anywhere with their boards. Carrying a board on the roof is always a safer option as then it is less likely to be damaged by bumping around in your car.

Following are some great options:

5. Dry Bag:

You want to bring your valuables and electronics but are scared of them getting wet. Then you need to buy this. These bags are made from water repellent material and don’t let any liquid enter the bag. They come in several sizes and colour to choose from. But be cautious while buying them from the local market for cheap as they might fail in saving your valuables from water. 

Following are some great options:

6. Waterproof Phone Case:

These cases come in handy as nowadays no one leaves their house without their phones. While paddling, you must carry your phones as it can help you communicate in cases you get stranded. Not all phones are waterproof, which is why you must take this case to protect your phone and still use it. It can also let you click some cool shots while paddling. 

Following are some great options:

7. Cooler:

You are most likely to go paddling for relaxation and fun, and you can’t do that unless you bring your cold drinks along. You will need a cooler to store your drinks along with keeping them cool. This can be stored in the bungee system of your board. Many come with their own suction system to attach to the board independently. 

Following are some great options:

8. Wetsuit:

This can be essential clothing when you wish to protect your skin from harsh water and the sun. UV rays can irritate the skin, causing a lot of tan, sunburn and rashes. These suits will help you protect your skin and stay dry from inside. 

Following are some great options:

  • O’Neill Men’s Epic 3/2mm Back Zip Full Wetsuit – Amazon.com
  • Seavenger Navigator 3mm Neoprene Shorty Wetsuit – Amazon.com

9. SUP Carrying Bag:

This is a must and is mostly provided with the board. The bag can be handy when you wish to travel with your SUP. Just deflate it and BOOM! You will be ready to take your SUP and other accessories along with you on the go.

SUP carrying strap

This strap will easily allow you to carry your board and accessories and still be left with a free hand. They also provide comfort while taking heavy boards as they are padded. You can even carry stuff like your paddles, water bottle etc. along with the help of this accessory. 

Following are some great options:


  • Surfboard Sling/Surfboard Carrier – Amazon.com
  • Curve SUP Carry Sling/Stand Up Paddle Board Carrier – Amazon.com

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