Thurso Surf Max SUP Review 2020

The Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose is the board you need in the event that you need additional stability and space to stack it up with bunches of weight be it gear, children or dogs. The bigger 34” width gives a truly steady stage, and we have discovered that Max can deal with pretty much anything. This board can be utilized for cruising around on lakes, sea coves or waterways, water fun with the family, SUP yoga, short-term camping or in any event, for fishing. The Max is genuinely a multi-purpose board as the name infers. This is a perfect family paddleboard with some incredible highlights, and it is a great deal of enjoyable to utilize! It can deal with multiple dogs or children so you can draw out your entire SUP group!


  • Bungee Storage – There is heaps of bungee space on this board for securing gear. The huge bungee at the nose of the board is ideal for putting away a dry pack or securing a cooler. The littler back bungee cords can be used for securing littler things, for example, shoes or another dry pack. 
  • Paddle holder – The side paddle holder is novel to the Thurso Surf inflatable paddle boards and as I would see it is a truly cool component. The two velcro straps on the board can be used to make sure about your paddle when not being used, for example, while carrying the board or when doing SUP yoga on the water. It works extraordinary, the paddle stays where it should and is off the beaten path yet simple to get on the off chance that you should need it. 
  • Handles – Besides the middle carry handle, there are additionally handles at the nose and tail of the Max. Being a larger board, the Max is fairly heavy at 33 lb. In the event that it must be carried any distance, it’s ideal to utilize the front and back handles and carry it with a friend. Anyway, I had no difficulty carrying it myself to the water a short distance with the middle carry handle. 
  • D Rings – There are an astounding 15 stainless steel D-rings on the Max ISUP. 6 D-rings are being used with the front bungee cords and four are being used by the back bungees. There are additionally two on each side of the middle traction pad that can be used for fixing a seat or additional gear. Thurso Surf sells an incredible kayak seat that can join to your board and is ideal for paddling the board kayak-style or for paddling with a child. At that point, there is one D-ring at the tail of the board for connecting your SUP leash also. 
  • Traction Pad – The EVA traction pad fundamentally takes up the whole length of this paddleboard. The focal point of the board has a diamond groove traction pad for added hold while paddling. The nose and tail of the board have a smooth lined traction pad that is extremely comfortable for kids or dogs to stand or sit on. I truly like this extra long traction pad since it truly assists with added grasp and comfort for your SUP travellers. Considering the Max was designed as a multi-purpose family SUP, this traction pad is all around considered and generally speaking exceptionally comfortable!


  • Paddle – Thurso Surf incorporates a 3-piece lightweight carbon-shaft paddle in their ISUP bundles. The paddle is completely flexible from 68” – 84” and stores inside the backpack when separated into 3-pieces. We find that this paddle feels extraordinary to utilize, and the lightweight configuration will permit you to paddle further with less exertion. 
  • Backpack – The Thurso Surf backpack with incorporated wheels is ideal for movement or for effectively getting your board to and from the water. The backpack has cushioned shoulder straps, abdomen strap and a chest strap for included help. Anyway, Max is very heavy at 33 lbs. What’s more, I definitely thought that it was somewhat heavy to carry on my back so truly valued the wheels. The coordinated wheels make it simple to pull the pack to and from your goal. 
  • Air Pump – The hand pump can inflate just as deflate the board. With the incorporated pressure gauge, you can watch your advancement as you inflate the board up to 15 PSI. It took me just shy of ten minutes to inflate the Max paddleboard with the hand pump to 15 PSI. 
  • Three Fin System – The 3 Quick-Lock removable fins slide into the fin boxes and afterwards cut down effectively into the right spot. It just takes seconds to introduce them. You can decide to just utilize the larger focus fin or every one of the three. With this specific board, I for one favoured the tri-fin setup (each of the three fins). With the three fins appended the tracking is incredibly improved, and the board feels additional stable. 
  • Coiled Leash – Included in the bundle is a 10’ coiled SUP leash. The coiled SUP leash is perfect for rowing on quiet water. Connect one finish of the leash to the back D-ring on your board and afterwards velcro the opposite end around your lower leg. The leash will get your board from being cleared far from you on the off chance that you should fall in the water. The coiled leash instead of a straight leash, is perfect for level water rowing and won’t haul in the water or impede your feet.

A great Multi-Purpose SUP:

As included in the name, Max by Thurso is a multi-purpose board. The dimensions although don’t make it suitable for touring, it can do anything and everything else. This board can be utilized for cruising around on lakes, sea coves or waterways, water fun with the family, SUP yoga, short-term camping or in any event, for fishing. The Max is genuinely a multi-purpose board as the name infers. You’ll be steady and safe in any event, even when loaded right up with heaps of weight.


  • Length – 11’6” 
  • Width – 34”
  • Thickness – 6”
  • Weight – 33 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity – 370 lbs.


Stability is the place where Max ISUP exceeds expectations. We took this board out in some extraordinary wind, and uneven conditions with my two dogs ready and I was glad to be on such a steady SUP. The wider width makes a more slow ride, and when taking this board out with other more slender ISUP’s, I definitely noticed that I had to strive to attempt to keep up. So you will be somewhat slower travelling through the water, and it does require somewhat more exertion to turn on the Max Multi-Purpose yet you’ll be steady and safe in any event, when loaded right up with heaps of weight. On quiet water, it travels along pleasantly and makes for a truly comfortable ride! The three removable fins definitely help to keep it tracking straight and help with execution. The Thurso Surf Max inflatable paddle boards are constructed with double-layer military grade PVC with triple/quad PVC coatings on the deck and side. I have never had any issues with any of the Thurso Surf paddleboards. They are manufactured solid and durable. With legitimate consideration, they should keep going for quite a while.

Where to buy:

This is an affordable board and can now be bought at a price of $749. You can buy the board at the following links.


The boards from THURSO come with a 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty i.e. all the manufacturing defects will be covered during this period. The brand also provides a sweet 30 days return policy under which you can always return the board within 30 days if you are left unsatisfied.

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